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They are getting me a car for my 18th birthday next year, but they are getting me a frigging honda civic. I really need a nice car like a mercedes so I can pick up guys on dates and they will be impressed. If I pick up guys on a honda civic that won't be as nice you know??

What was a sitcom you never found that funny?

27 answers · Goiania · 1 week ago
Best answer: The Cool Kids & Kevin can't Wait

Could Texas turn blue?

21 answers · Porto Alegre · 2 weeks ago


5 answers · Goiania · 2 weeks ago

What is global warming?

19 answers · Cuiaba · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: A scam to take tax payers money and put it Into the pockets of fake companies liberals Create but do nothing to help the environment. Just look at the filth building up in most California cities. They don't give a damn about the Environment or reducing crime or helping Anyone.

Best answer: It is a product's natural tendency to degrade or self-destruct that would not be the fault of the freight service. Produce can rot, chemicals can react to moisture, machines or parts can rust, vases can break under normal shipping conditions, etc. No one, much less their insurer, is willing to pay for such... show more

I lost my debit card! What do I do?

5 answers · Cuiaba · 3 weeks ago
It’s been about 2 days and I plan on calling my bank tomorrow morning and informing them about the loss of my debit card. It’s my first one and I’ve only had it about 3 months. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to say or what’s going to happen with it. I know I can get a new one sent to me but will the money in... show more

How often are you a Hell raiser?

10 answers · Maceio · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Oh I like stirring up the sh!t every now and then.

What’s worse? Working in an office or prison?

4 answers · Cuiaba · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Prison. At least you get to go home after the work day is over. People in prison do not have that luxury.

Best answer: yeah usually little kids and old people. i’ve made 50 in cash before which isn’t too shabby

Did this female want to have sex with me ?

8 answers · Cuiaba · 1 month ago
I have a security guard I was driving to a golf cart on the job site. I was approached from the side by two females, one asking if she can get a ride in the golf cart because she did not want to walk. I told her no I could not do that, her reply to bad I wanted to ride you. I just took off.

What is Digital Marketing?

4 answers · Cuiaba · 1 month ago

Best answer: Yearly. Peace.

How to spend $25 in a week in college?

19 answers · Cuiaba · 1 month ago
Currently I'm living in a dorm with no fridge or kitchen at all. What can I buy to eat besides oats, cookies, and bread to eat?

Best answer: It can be great or terrible, depends on how much you are responsible in things like, cleaning, budgeting & taking responsibility for your own actions.

Which of these is least stressful/most realistic?

5 answers · Cuiaba · 1 month ago
a) Working 50 hours/week between 2 retail-jobs (cashiering). b) Working 40 hours/week as a bookkeeper. c) Starting an online business such as web-development, tech-support, bookkeeping, proofreading or ESL-tutoring. Thank You

Best answer: Biden wants minorities to feel subservient to Him so you're seeing Exactly Why Biden will Lose.