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What isn't up?

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Best answer: Hello how ar yoh tgerw then .

Might be getting fired! Tips?

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I work as a retail position! I took two days off for a bday trip! And my manager bashed me for it! She was forcing me to come in but I couldn’t because i have already booked my trip and i already informed her a week before! My manager messaged me on my bday to have fun but also said “we need to talk when you... show more

How often do electric, gas and water come?

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I am going to sound extremely stupid and uneducated here but please bare with me. I had the chance to go through it while I was in the hospital (they asked if I wanted one) and I said no but now I'd like to but I'm just lost because i dont have anything to give away? I only have about 20$ and that's in... show more

Pete Booty-Judge and Secret Service men?

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Can I raise a baby on a waitress salary?

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My girlfriend and I were “dry humping” while she was naked and I was wearing only my underwear. We weren’t necessarily rubbing against each other vigorously but I was on top of her and we were making out. Some pre-*** seeped through and you could see that it had gotten a portion of my underwear moist. The part that... show more

Best answer: To people that recognize that that's what has been going on it would. Unfortunately, it seems that many Americans are clueless thanks to their apathy when it comes to their government.

How to get more points on Yahoo Answers?

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I only have one point.

I am in a year lease in Florida, no where in my lease does it say he can take pictures. I rent a furnished apartment, only because the previous tenant decided to move out of the country and could not take his furniture with him so he gave all of the furniture to the landlord... I didn’t like how the furniture was... show more

How do I post more questions a day?

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I'm not a robot yahoo answers stop saying I am?

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Best answer: The Democrats were responsible for starting the downturn of our economy in 2007. Obama turned it into the Obama recession and prolonged it for 8 years, and saddled us with unsustainable debt.

Will companies ask for your college degree?

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I had taken a 2 year marketing program in Canada. I was a mark short of graduating (got a D+ and I needed a C). I thought I graduated but instead of having graduated in April, I m graduating in September. I wanted to work in the United States and get a sponsorship from a company but I was wondering if they will ask... show more