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Best answer: intelligence is highly debated there are people who can solve complex math problems in their head faster than some one can punch them into a calculator but cant even dress themselves IQ tests are solely designed to recognize traits of intelligence, they dont actually test for intelligence if you want my opinion,... show more

Whenever i do a Math test, i would very often pass. But whenever i do a Social Studies test, i always fail. Now, i really shouldn't be having a hard time with Social Studies but, unfortunately i do. Also, i know this question doesn't apply to all people because there are very few people that would have a... show more

If there is NONE, then everyone does their own thing; If there is one, then at least there is a common logical point of reference. Example the one below. Begin 1: Was the action (s), or omission, done by mature, mentally sane human? Yes. Go to # 2 No. Go to # 9 2: Would the action (s) be comparable to vile... show more

Hello! I am planning on taking the SAT in August and I cannot afford an SAT prep or a tutor. I live in northern Virginia so everyone around here is wealthy. However, there are still many neighborhoods that are low-income, which is where I live! To get to the point, the majority of my friends are spending 3,000+... show more

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Best answer: The answer options in multiple choice questions are designed to throw of a person who may have memories something but doesn't really understand the information. The answers will be close enough to one another that you either have to actually know how to decode the question or work through the problem to get... show more

Best answer: Some will say that it is 'obsolete' as the original intent of cursive was to promote legible writing at faster speeds. Since digital/typed writing is even faster, many argue that cursive is no longer necessary. Others, however, argue that cursive promotes a style of learning that begins with adherence to a... show more

Best answer: Yes, it's not only cruel, it's extremely offensive and racist. Don't repeat it; it doesn't reflect well on anyone.

Best answer: A time machine, so hard that nobody has successfully made one yet

Does the KKK still exist?

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Best answer: Yes it does still exist in small chapters here and there though its remaining members are no less passionate. They focus their attention more on the rising Hispanic population than black people but are still a white nationalist group.

Best answer: I don’t know maybe they get physically hurt

Best answer: Proxy is a general term for someone else doing something for you. If you’re a shareholder in a company and you can’t attend a shareholder meeting to vote, you get someone else to vote for you and that’s voting by proxy. In the case of a proxy war... generally you have two larger belligerents who aren’t in... show more

Is the KKK racist?

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Best answer: Super duper mega ultra turbo Level 99 racist

Is you with it?

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Best answer: No sir

I scored 1180 on my final SAT, what are the best collge options (in the United States) with this SAT score. Ps: I know there are websites that tell you, I prefer a straight up ansewr.